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Redmi Note 8 features and specification and review

The bottom finish of the smartphone market is full of models and variants of them, in several cases with solely terribly minor variations between them simply so as to cater to individuals with restricted budgets and specific necessities. A case in purpose is Xiaomi, that has launched spill a dozen choices priced below Rs. 15,000 up to now this year. in spite of whether or not you rank electronic equipment power, RAM and storage, camera options, or battery life, Xiaomi needs to place enough choices ahead of consumers that they will not even get to check up on what the competition must supply. Still, it is a robust leveling act.

The Redmi Note 8₹ nine,999, that the corporate simply surprise-launched aboard the Redmi Note eight Pro₹ fourteen,999 (Review), has been designed to hit the vital Rs. 9,999 value purpose. Xiaomi has declared terribly clearly that it may have created this phone less costly, however, it did not need to compromise on specifications in the least. curiously, there is conjointly a variant priced quite a bit higher at Rs. 12,999 which implies it straddles over one value phase. We're reviewing the upper-priced version, however, we're still progressing to take into account however each choice square measure equipped to charm to their several target audiences.

                                                      Redmi Note eight style

If you were hoping that the Redmi Note eight would be a more cost-effective version of the slick Redmi Note eight professional, you will be a touch frustrated. From the front, this phone is far a lot of like what we have seen on the recently launched Redmi 8₹ ten,999 (Review) and Redmi 8A₹ seven,548 (Review), as well as a chin that is thick enough for a whole brand. it is a fairly ordinary-looking 2019 budget phone, with a 6.3-inch screen that covers nearly all of the front and a waterdrop notch at the highest. there is a little white notification crystal rectifier higher than the screen.

Xiaomi has another barely of differentiation here within the variety of a highlight color running around the edges of the front glass. Our review unit is that the Neptune Blue version, then it's a blue streak, nearly sort of a halo, running down the perimeters and across the lowest. we do not like this and suppose it's quite inferior. it is also distracting once attempting to fancy full-screen content. we tend to hope that the Moonlight White and house Black versions square measure a lot of delicate.

The rear of this phone is additionally nothing just like the Redmi Note eight professional or the Redmi eight siblings. The camera strip is in one corner instead of within the center, and it stands proud quite a bit. This phone can rock awkwardly once lying flat on a table. The rim of the camera bump is additionally comparatively rough.

Xiaomi has gone with pongid Glass five on the front and back of this phone, and each side has rounded edges. The rear of our Neptune Blue unit had a reflected gradient end with light-weight blueness at the highest weakening into purple lower down. it might be a challenge to stay this end freed from smudges and fingerprints.

The power however to and fingerprint sensing element square measure straightforward enough to achieve but the quantity buttons square measure a small amount too high. You get a USB Type-C port, 3.5mm audio socket, and a single speaker on the lowest. there is an associate degree Infrared electrode on the highest, and also the dual-SIM and microSD card receptacle is on the left.

Thankfully the glass back is not slippery, and that we found it comparatively straightforward to measure with and use this phone. The screen is huge, however, reaching all corners with one thumb wasn't too troublesome. The camera bump was a lot of less within the manner after we used the plastic cowl that is enclosed within the box.

Xiaomi says it's used a P2i coating to form this phone splash-proof, which is good to own. Overall, the Redmi Note eight feels all right engineered, however, there is nothing new or attention-grabbing regarding it in terms of style.

                             Redmi Note eight specifications and computer code

We begin with the Qualcomm flower 665 processor, that additionally powers the sub-Rs. 10,000 Realme 5₹ eight,948 (Review) and therefore the even cheaper Vivo U10₹ eight,990 (Review). this is often associate degree update to the popular flower 660 and is claimed to be additional power economical. It options constant arrangement of 4 performance cores and fore potency cores, similarly as improved integrated graphics.

Xiaomi undercuts its competition in terms of alternative specifications tho'. the bottom variant has 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage, and prices Rs. 9,999. whereas the Realme five (Review) and Vivo U10 (Review) might need cheaper beginning costs, their equivalent variants value over Rs. 10,000. you'll additionally get the Redmi Note eight with 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage for Rs. 12,999, and this is often the variant we're reviewing. It competes additional with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy M30s₹ thirteen,999 (Review), Vivo Z1 Pro₹ fifteen,550 (Review), and Realme three Pro₹ eleven,189 (Review).

The screen measures half dozen.3 inches and incorporates a full-HD+ 1080x2280 resolution, that is sweet to visualize at the sub-Rs. 10,000 value purpose. this is often associate degree IPS panel however its color replica is just rated at eighty-four % of the NTSC color gamut. it is also certified by TUV geographical area for a blue light-weight reduction once mistreatment it in reading mode. alternative noteworthy specifications embody a 4000mAh battery, support for 18W quick charging (the 18W charger is included), Bluetooth five, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac support.

Our review unit was running MIUI ten.3.1 running on mechanical man nine with the Sep 2019 security patch. you'll browse all concerning it and therefore the several capabilities it offers in our terribly recent reviews of the Redmi eight and Redmi Note eight professional since nothing abundant is totally different here. there is still much-preloaded bloatware, most of which may be uninstalled. you will have to measure with disreputable spammy notifications and ads unless you rigorously tweak the permissions sure as shooting hard apps like the GetApps store and MIUI browser.

                             Redmi Note eight performance and battery life

The Redmi Note eight could be a pleasant enough phone to use. The full-HD+ screen is crisp and bright, tho' not particularly spirited. It's sensible for amusement and most of the people will not notice something to complain concerning, particularly considering the worth of this phone. The blue trim around the front of this phone wasn't as distracting as we'd feared, and a bit like screen notches, we tend to got accustomed it in time.

Xiaomi has additionally done an honest job with the only speaker, and though there is no real basis to the sound, voices, and dialogue in videos came out crisp and distinct. Fingerprint and face recognition were each fast.

MIUI ran swimmingly and that we did not feel any hiccups even once multitasking. It ought to be noted once more that we're mistreatment the higher-end version of this phone, which is thirty % dearer than the bottom variant. we predict that even with 4GB of RAM, the expertise ought to be adequate for many individuals.

Performance, as measured by our benchmark tests, was just about in line with what we tend to expect. The millions of one,69,832 in AnTuTu similarly as 314 and one,327 in Geekbench 5's single-core and multi-core tests show that there is enough power for thought apps and tasks. GFXBench's T-rex and automobile Chase tests ran at 33fps and half dozen.3fps severally, that was unsatisfactory, we've seen far better from the Vivo U10 (Review) that has a constant processor however a lower-resolution screen.

PUBG Mobile ran at its low planned and therefore the graphics quality wasn't nice, however, the sport ran dead swimmingly. The gameplay did not suffer once we raised the standard manually, however, the rear of this phone did get pretty heat even once only one match. Asphalt 9: Legends were a bit laggy within the menus and there was unarticulate in races.

The battery is enough to induce you thru a full workday, and that we did not have to fret concerning running out of power even once enjoying games, streaming videos, and taking many photos over the course of every day. we tend to we tend tore left with concerning twenty-five % by the time we were able to plug this phone in in the dead of night. Our HD video loop check ran for thirteen hours and ten minutes that is additionally pretty sensible. The 18W charger took the Redmi Note eight from zero to thirty-seven % in [*fr1] associate degree hour and eighty-one % in one hour.

Other than the difficulty with optical device detection, we tend to found that our low-light shots were typically blotchy and creaking, and there {could be|might be|can be|may be|may we tend toll be} some motion blur if we weren't terribly still. Quality was good however nothing to induce excited regarding. Again, the camera lens camera created so much less detail.

The macro camera on the Redmi Note eight will be fun to use and lends itself to inventive framing. we tend to manage to induce some fascinating views. The depth of field it produces will build subjects stand out, however, they are not captured in terribly prime quality. we tend to had to experiment a jiffy before determining however so much we would have liked to face from our subjects, and that we found it laborious to capture something that was moving.

As for the video, we tend to found that the Redmi Note eight managed good quality at 1080p, however, colors were pretty overblown at 4K. There was conjointly very little to no proof of stabilization, that limits usability. At night, video quality was expectedly not pretty much as good.

The Redmi Note eight features a 13-megapixel f/2 front camera. we tend to feel that our skin texture had been smoothed and softened an excessive amount of whereas the background was crisper and scarf attention. change of state should be turned off manually, which could be a multi-tap method. At night, selfies came out mealy and blurred.


We're additional positive regarding however the Redmi Note 8's base variant fares against its competition at the Rs. 9,999 value purpose than we tend to ar once considering the Rs. 12,999 tag of the unit we've really reviewed. the corporate has chosen its specifications with wisdom and whereas you may develop the Realme five (Review) or Vivo U10 (Review) for fewer, you do not get a constant combination of RAM, storage, or screen resolution.

With the Redmi Note eight, you get enough power for everyday tasks, a robust battery, and a crisp screen. significant games did not run therefore well thanks to the high-resolution screen. The cameras will be spectacular in favorable conditions, however, there are limits to what you must expect. Finally, the phone's styling may well be a small amount dissentious, whilst the package appearance laborious to ram down terms of import.

However, once stepping up to the higher-priced variant, their ar alternative choices together with the Vivo Z1 professional (Review) and even the Xiaomi Mi A3 (Review) to think about. These choices haven't got the maximum amount of RAM or storage at that value, however, you may recover performance, style, software, or cameras betting on that one you decide on. the selection is not as clear-cut in favor of the Redmi Note eight.

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