Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Lenovo Z6 professional could also be ready to turn out 100-Megapixel pictures, VP Reportedly Hints

Lenovo Z6 Pro's camera could also be capable of manufacturing 100-megapixel pictures, VP river Cheng has reportedly excited. Cheng has denote regarding the Z6 professional employing a Chinese hashtag that interprets to a billion pixels, that reciprocally calculates to 1000-megapixels. Of course, we have seen Chinese firms write numbers rather otherwise, and a preferred Chinese school publication claims it in truth means that one hundred million pixels. This comes weeks once Qualcomm proclaimed that its processors already accompany support for pictures with quite 100-megapixel resolution. Such a feature is feasible if the phone is ready to mix multiple shots of one frame and build one giant photograph.

Cheng's post on Weibo was noticed 1st by IT Home. whereas teasing the Lenovo Z6 Pro's Hyper Video feature, he uses a hashtag that interprets to "billion level pixels" within the post. IT Home claims the hashtag interprets to one hundred million pixels or 100-megapixels. This leads up to the speculation that the phone might manufacture giant pictures, however after all, this is often not the primary time the corporate has talked regarding moving "beyond 100-megapixel" for the Z6 professional, and we'll need to wait and see that this interprets to.
Though, with Cheng's tendency to create exaggerated claims, this might simply be another deceptive caption from Cheng, and no such feature are integrated into the Z6 professional. Cheng has additionally denote another video teasing at the phone's hyper video and super macro skills. The video is denote on his Weibo account.

There's very little that's famous regarding the Z6 professional, once it involves specifications. The Z6 professional is predicted to come back with 5G support however it's speculated that a non-5G variant of the Z6 professional shortly once. Lenovo hasn't mentioned any details with relevance the processor powering the smartphone. It may possibly be the Qualcomm flower 855 SoC, like the Lenovo Z5 professional GT that was launched in December last year, and have up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

The Lenovo Z6 professional is about to be created accessible in June. associate announcement was expected these days, however without delay, it's like Cheng's teaser is all we're obtaining.